Gemstone Packages

Our goal is to capture each and every detail without being an influence on the events. All of our Gemstone packages include a friendly, personable, 5-star rated videographer with nearly 200 5-star reviews, documenting for you each element of your day, in the coverage time and locations you choose. Your footage is then creatively composed into 4 different versions (Teaser, Online (optional) Show-to-Friends, Fully edited All Day Version and all of the raw video in crystal clear full-frame High Definition). That’s right! We may spend upwards of 20-60 hours in post-productions making it as perfect as it can be! We offer comfortable installment plans customized for each couple, by each couple. We really hope to be able to serve you for your wedding. We, at Command Performance Video, want to make sure that you are as relaxed and able to enjoy your day as much as possible. We may even go as far as to hold those heavy flowers when you don't need them or carry your train to help you navigate your portraits comfortably! It's like having bridal attendant in tow!

*All Gemstone Packages include cinematically designed enhanced full-featured videos available as HD digitial streaming downloads.


Want it all?? This package has everything you could possible want! The Diamond starts at your makeup and hair, and finishes when the lights come back on in the reception. Every detail, every moment, every emotion is covered under this package! Having 2 cameras during the reception allows us to capture guest reactions during toasts, and more dramatic coverage for parent dances and other major events during the reception. I love it when I can do this for my couple! I know I will come home with everything I need to create the perfect wedding video.

Price: $3189.00

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Want to see a little bit of every part of the wedding day from makeup and hair until the very last song of the reception? This is the package for you! There is really nothing like a ceremony filmed with 2 manned cameras! Incorporating multiple camera views for the ceremony ensures us the ability to capture more of the emotion of this milestone of life.

Price: $2589.00

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Want to see all of the emotion that goes into getting into your beautiful wedding gown? This it the perfect package for you! Starting with the early emotion of the day allows the person watching the video to really connect with the wedding experience. This package is designed to ensure the coverage of the "getting ready" time as well as the most important parts of your day. With no time restriction on the day, this is a worry free way to have a little bit of everything that goes into your carefully planned wedding day!

Price: $1989.00

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Designed with no real time limit, this package is perfect for the couple with a first look, longer reception, or the ever increasingly popular sparkler send-off built into your day. Also ideal for the very familiar 2 o'clock Mass and 6 o'clock cocktail hour. This package allows us to cover it all!

Price: $1789.00

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A wedding day has to be captured on video! Perfect for the couple with a wedding day localized to one area with shortened timeline. The package provides an economical way to relive the day year after year!

Price: $1589.00

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Cut-Glass and Setting packages available as well. These packages do not include cinematically designed full-featured videos available as HD digital streaming downloads.

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Love Story Video

Is your Love Story a “Tale as Old as Time?” Let us capture YOUR Love Story for you!

For a limited time only, we are bringing back an oldie but a goodie and offering you a chance to tell a whole different side of your story that only few people know or will ever get to see. A story that can't be told in a wedding video or in a photographic engagement sitting. A story that answers the question, "Why are we having this wedding?"

Re-conceived for 2018: We would like to re-introduce, our Love Story Video. This is an opportunity to relive the details of your first date as a couple. A chance to hear your significant other share feelings about the first time you met and what he/she first saw in and thought about you. A way to document the special moments in your relationship that led you up to your wedding. Keep it as a momento to view it with the kids and the grand-kids. Share it with family and friends at home. Great to show at your rehearsal dinner!

To get started, it's as easy as a walk in the park...literally!

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