WHO ARE WE? My name is Harold Doe. I am the founder of Command Performance Video. I have always enjoyed observing people in natural circumstances. I am interested in the way people react in different situations. I found my niche in wedding days and other happy milestones in life. During these special events, emotions are heightened, I can feel the love and support in the air. I have always had a healthy interest in general technology, too. Event video is the perfect merger of everything that I enjoy. I am very fortunate because I am able to capture some of the happiest moments in people's lives. I feel it too through my viewfinder. Even after 39 years, it is always a wonderful experience to me.

WE DON'T COMPROMISE ON QUALITY! What would be the point of loving what you do if you're not using the right tools to do it? Hi Definition has become the new standard in living rooms all over. Year after year, we've researched and found the best tools of the trade. From the camera, to the best support accessories, we have always used the newest proven technologies to capture edit and display the times of your life the very best ways possible.

EXTRAORDINARY ATTENTION TO DETAIL! You have put a lot of thought and planning into every detail of the day....... from the dresses and tuxes to the ceremony program and the centerpieces. Our job is to capture it all for you to remember forever.

UNDYING DEVOTION AND RESPECT! Everything that we do is directed toward providing the best possible experience for our customers. Even before we meet you, we've begun. When you call or email, you will be contacting the owners. We don't have a 'front desk' that is designed to buffer between the people who know and the customers who want to know. We prefer to be 'old fashioned' in this way. Nothing ever sits around here. We begin your post-production immediately. On the wedding day, we know what you're looking for from us. We will have these conversations before the event. There's no need to bother you over details. We can work at your pace. There are appropriate times to do things like formal poses, etc. We'll take advantage of these times until you don't want to do it anymore or until we're done, whichever happens first. (We're usually done well before you don't want to do it anymore) We have a respect for your event that seems to have fallen away with other vendors. We dress appropriately for your event. We take advantage of angles for our shooting that don't get in the way of the folks who are there to see it live. We are condensed and self contained with our tools for the job. There are no bright lights, large apparatus, or useless extra assistants. We blend in and document.